Caretas de Maragojipe

Working with photography books requires a detachment from the ego and at the same time an absolute immersion in the images. For this it is necessary to dive deep, to observe much, making several arrangements to understand how it will be possible, interfering minimally, to make its reading the best possible.
In the case of this book the challenge was the sequence of images made all over the same subject, at the same angle, with the same background. The question posed was to distribute them with varying sizes, positions and sequences and to surprise the reader, or to do exactly the opposite, putting them all exactly in the same position so that the reader, understanding the structure of the images, could notice the variations within that universe.
When working on the cover, which we normally do after the book is all set, we had to search for an area that would give readability to logos and back cover text. At that moment we introduced the yellow and noticed that it talked very well with the blue of the wall. The yellow background was not inside the book yet, which was all white. We did a test and we were sure that with the yellow background the book turned into something more than all the photos put together.
At that point the big challenge was to convince the photographer (my brother) who at first was not comfortable with the idea, which added a conversation not imagined by him. Faced with my insistence, tests and two months of thoughts, he agreed.