George Orwell 1984

special edition 2019

Project developed in partnership with Felipe Sabatini


The reissue of a work widely published over 70 years was a challenge. What to do?

The editorial project of Companhia das Letras provided texts commenting the book in the context of each decade. That was the key for us to start with the question of what would be the context in which this work would be received in Brazil today. Our option was to include a visual comment that completed the texts. We chose a series of prints by the artist Regina Silveira who opens the book and, at the end, a chapter with some covers of outstanding editions in various parts of the world.

We chose a small format and for the cover we decided that the author’s surname and title would be enough, printed in silk screen on a dark blue fabric. Sober and without frills, but with the charm of the trilateral impression of the text block.